The Reasons for the Unpopularity of Copper Bathroom Sinks

14/06/2012 10:27

Nowadays people seem to prefer ceramic and stainless steel sanitary appliances to those copper ones. How come this trend appears and will the copper sanitary appliances come back to the common homes again? As for the out of fashion of those copper bathroom sinks, their tendency to get rust may be the main reason. Since we modern people are busy in work and social courses, which have made us so tired that we do not have too much time to do the cleaning-up every day, we are usually inclined to choose the sanitary appliances which are easy to clean. But once the copper bathroom sinks get rusted, we will need to purchase some professional materials to deal with those rusts and it will certainly take a lot of our precious time. And there will be scratches which are hard to mend to the original state if it is touched by some sharp things accidentally. In addition, since the copper sinks are as smooth as a mirror, a little scratch can be obvious enough to affect its pretty appearance. Another reason may be that the ceramic and stainless ones can be the younger generations' favorites. They are the generations who like modern things and prefer modernism and put more emphasis on aesthetic appreciations. There could be different shapes, various designs and colors for ceramic and stainless ones. But the copper vessel bathroom sink are mostly golden colored with engraved designs. This could be classic, but it's not suitable to the flavors of today's people, especially the younger ones. The third reason for the lack of market of the hammered copper bathroom sinks is that they are more expensive than those ceramic and stainless steel ones. Because the copper sinks are made of pure copper, which is expensive itself in today's market and the handicraft of them is a little more complicated, the copper bathroom sinks enjoy higher prices, which sometimes cannot be accepted by common people. Finally, the golden color decides the unpopularity of copper bathroom sinks. Usually when people choose bathroom sinks, they would take into consideration their style of house decorations and the collocation of the fittings with each other in their house. In modern society, most citizens choose simple and fresh styles, which do not match the golden color. Of course, some houses decorated in a classic style can use these copper sinks. Briefly speaking, the unpopularity of hammered copper bathroom sinks is caused by the combined actions of several reasons. The reasons listed above may not be comprehensive, but they do lead to the limit use of copper bathroom sinks. As for the return of copper sink to this society, maybe we need to first solve the problems mentioned above first and then we may welcome that era.

Tips on the Maintenance of Copper Bathroom Sinks