Several Technique Parameters on LED Tube Lights

10/07/2012 16:17

At present, there are many types of LED tube lights available in the market. But for most ordinary customers, the differences between different types of LED tube lights aren't so obvious. Though LED tube lights work in the same principle, there are still several technique parameters to define different types of LED lights. Now read on to learn some of the parameters of LED tube lights
First is the diameter of the light tube. When seeking for LED light supplies online, we will see the quotations for LED t8 tube lights, LED t5 tube lights and so on. But most buyers are baffled by what t8 or t5 means. Actually, t8 or t5 refers to the diameter of LED light tubes. It is because LED light manufacturers offer LED tubes of different tube diameters to cater for different applications. For example, LED t5 tube light is suitable for purposes of reading or lighting for limited spaces while LED t8 tube light is more used for lighting of larger spaces. Therefore, the tube diameter is often indicated in the product title for the convenience of buyers.
Second is the rated voltage and current for LED tube light power. The power is either inserted inside the light tube or installed outside. Power output has critical importance for the energy efficacy of LED lights. Appropriate voltage and current can effectively avoid heat radiation and thus preserve the service life of LED lights. To fit LED lights with appropriate power, LED light manufacturers will usually order power supplies from power suppliers. Usually speaking, most LED tube lights are low-voltage lights because they have lower requirement on power output than other types of traditional lamplights.
Third is the brilliance of LED tube lights. A common misconception is that brilliance should be measured by wattage output. But instead, the most valid indicator should be lumen which means amount of visible light produced per unit of electrical power input. The quantity of lumens emitted by different LED chips is vastly different. The higher is this parameter, the better is the brilliance. Therefore, we can often see this parameter marked on LED lights for buyers to determine what kinds of LED light they will need.
Besides, the LED lights in the market also come in different shapes. It is important to know these parameters to help you find the LED tube lights most suitable for you. All in all, I hope my article will do you useful help.

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