Several Technique Parameters on LED Tube Lights

10/07/2012 16:17
At present, there are many types of LED tube lights available in the market. But for most ordinary customers, the differences between different types of LED tube lights aren't so obvious. Though LED tube lights work in the same principle, there are still several technique parameters to define...

The Reasons for the Unpopularity of Copper Bathroom Sinks

14/06/2012 10:27
Nowadays people seem to prefer ceramic and stainless steel sanitary appliances to those copper ones. How come this trend appears and will the copper sanitary appliances come back to the common homes again? As for the out of fashion of those copper bathroom sinks, their tendency to get rust may be...

The Strengths and Applications of Travelling Scaffolding Supplies

12/06/2012 14:04
Travelling scaffolding serves for many purposes. For example, it can be used for building construction, outdoor ad board erection as well as indoor decoration. Ordinary travelling scaffolding has roller-bearing traverses which are interconnected and the distance between the traverses can be...

LED---Harmful or Beneficial to Our Eyes?

08/06/2012 16:37
The LED lighting industry has revealed the problems LED is having in recent days just when LED is generally considered to be the most desirable light source for the future. As a novel light source, LED has achieved rapid development in technology application in recent years. In the meantime,...

Visitors notice

10/05/2012 11:17
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Website launched

10/05/2012 11:16
Our new website has been launched today. Tell your visitors why you have started a new presentation and how it benefits them. Mention your goals and project advantages. Try to briefly give your visitors reasons why they should return to your pages.